Meet Our team

Aidan gillan


After securing a key role at leading game development studio Codemasters as Build Systems Software Engineer,

Aidan developed a strong skill set. This included Knowledge of distributed code build systems; FastBuild, game platform compiler toolchains and SDKs, Elasticsearch and Kibana, C# and C++ underpinned by a core understanding of Python and Windows batch scripting. As an innovative and forward thinking team member he continually demonstrates the ability to develop technical solutions for build production, management and delivery systems.

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Garrett Hamel


An advocate for crypto, Garrett has an illustrious career working alongside the likes of KKR, Cinven,

Primera and Collars in several roles including Valuation, Acquisition and Deal Structure & Strategy. Boasting a wide skill set from his previous roles including; evaluation of potential investment opportunities, negotiation, track and deal term management, working with legal and compliance to identify issues relating to the deal processes, partner with operations to ensure seamless funding and closing execution.

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Eric Wilford

Founder Serial Entrepreneur

A seasoned industry professional and value investor Eric has over 25 years of experience investing in

global businesses and re-building them at every level. He has entered at board level in most instances to re-align management, structures and operational logistics to vastly improve revenue and cost basis performances. He has kept his ear to the ground in the crypto space since early 2014 and acted as an angel investor for major DeFi and CeFi protocols in multiple sectors and provided key advice to the teams and projects he has invested in. His strong business acumen and knowledge of the space is invaluable to Pandora alongside his genesis Angel Investment funding.

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Tony Martin


A full-stack developer, Tony has worked at industry giants Cognizant as a Lead RPA Developer,

Sr Associate and Engineer for 15 Years. His knowledge base includes certifications in UiPath and Blue Prism, leading technical planning, NET / VB / VC++ / C++/J2EE, VB Script, JavaScript (AngularJS, NodeJS), Python, Perl, Bash & PowerShell. He has carried out vital tasks such as analysis of the business processes, identifying automation opportunities, development of AS-IS and TO-BE process flows and the identification of the technical infrastructure requirements to deploy automation solutions. He has also spent several years supporting indie gaming studios in his spare time to develop and improve their game titles in both the front and back-end.

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Humza Ahmed

Lead Blockchain Integrator

Experienced in designing and developing Solidity smart contracts.

Thorough knowledge of front-end interfaces and how they interact with the smart contracts. I have a deep understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem and programming principles. With more than 3 years experience of software development in the blockchain space. I have a strong understanding of ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 and BEP-20 token standards. Throughout the years i have been able to build a strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms. I am extremely proficient in languages such as C++, Python, Java and JavaScript.

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George Stroll

Blockchain Architect

A highly talented blockchain developer, George champions and embodies the title of Full-Stack.

With 4 years experience at BlockchainLab(LUX) and 4IRE he has an extensive knowledge base handling both short and long-term projects. Demonstrated skills include ; SQL/T-SQL development, queries, stored procedures, view, triggers, optimization, Visual Studio, SSRS, Tableau, Power BI, Azure Search, AWS, Azure, WAFs and Application development (Python, .Net, C#, VB, CSS, HTML5, XML, JS, SOAP, REST).

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William Fist

Game Developer

An extremely adept programmer, William has worked as an Environment Artist, UI Delivery and

Programmer for Ubisoft Studios. His final role was as a Online Programmer providing support with administration of online microservices written in C# using a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases for all Ubisoft games with local or cloud technologies. A vital part of the Pandora team, his knowledge of RESTful web services using MVC Web API, C# programming, Database programming (SQL or NoSQL), Extensible distributed systems (scalability) and Unit integration load testing provide the backbone of several aspects relating to Pandora’s local and online optimisation.

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Michael Summer

Game Project Manager

One of our most esteemed developers Michael learned his trade at Activision Studios (HM) as a Gameplay

Engineer. Holding the position for 4 years and working on multiple projects for triple AAA titles such as the COD libraries he is an expert at AAA play-control logic (FPS & MMORPG), modern animation techniques, networked game logic, real-world AI methods, rigid body kinematics and extending an established code base. The latter proved vital to the development of Pandora’s full title as we incorporated several features including PVE, PVP & P2E.

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Adam Xu

Lead Editor

Adam has a passion for written content and a strong drive for growth.

He is a quick learner and throughout his career has conveyed complex concepts in concise and entertaining manners. Adam has a keen interest in heavily story driven games such as Mass Effect, Bioshock, Skyrim and more have allowed him to create an unparalleled storyline for Pandora. Previous editorial roles lead him to be an essential part of the vision for Pandora. His ability to translate a creative vision into the elements of the world is unmatched. Adam has been key in finding additional voice actors for key characters and ensuring the written script is adaptable for the ever-expanding world.

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Emily Stroller

Community Manager

As a Marketing Communications Specialist for industry leader SGK, Emily has an extensive knowledgebase

of digital marketing and delivery. She spent 5 years carrying out vital tasks including; Writing, editing and proofreading marketing content alongside leading various large marketing projects with the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi to ensure business strategies and plans are implemented effectively. Her vast knowledge of impactive and interactive content coupled with a deep understanding of stakeholder interactions make her a vital part of the Pandora marketing team.

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Honourable Mentions

We would like to give a special mention to key contributors who had input into the Pandora’s World ecosystem. First a very special thanks to Radu Saghin for the inception of the open world game with his creation of GAIA. Without his framework the game would have not been possible. The blockchain integration was thoroughly aided by the vital work from Martin Bead and his in-depth smart contract knowledge while graphical enhancements would not have been possible without Sarah Haye, Justin Hu and Scott Ramono. We also thank Megan Silo for her contributions to the in-depth lore and Robert Mitchell for his key work in helping the project find its initial partners. We are grateful to all those who took time to assist in this gaming masterpiece and wish them well for the future. We are a robust team who are determined to see the success of Pandora’s World and allow gaming around the world to be changed forever.