There are multiple game modes in the mysterious world of Pandora

Seige Mode

Raid and loot other bases while having to defend your own in this high octane playable mode. The ability to customise your base with automatic turrets, enchanced battle ships and ultra shields is essential to ensure your victory !

Wildlife Battle

Every turn on the planet arises a possibility of facing different species ready to protect their land. Great mammoths of the land to beasts of the sea, danger is never to far away. Defeat these creatures to ensure your survival.

Construction tournaments

These will be hosted by the Pandora team, competitions will be held and voted on by the community on who can build the most elaborate and intricate designs within the world. Those who spend the time will be rewarded bountifully.

Only those with the strongest defence will be victorious.

Mech Battles

Customise your Mech with unique characteristics and upgrades to stand out from the crowd. From flamethrowers to light machine guns, you choice of equipment will determine your fate. Fight to the death with your opponents and the victor shall be rewarded !

Motor Races

These races can be set up against other players via race day events or just self organised sport. Bets can be placed allowing the fastest to win all the tokens.