Play 2 Earn Content

Play to Earn

$DORA is native token of Pandora’s World and as players navigate through the experience there will be multiple ways to earn the token.


In Pandora there are many geographical objects with different rarities including gold, platinum, oak and zinc. Find these rare ores and use them for crafting or exchange them for tokens.


Take the role of a traditional hunter and find the rarest prey. Animal meat can be eaten or sold and their hide used for crafting additional items. Although hunting can require patience it can be the most rewarding methods of earning money in the game.

Battle mode

Defeat other players in battle and be rewarded each time with a small amount of tokens. Loot their bases and find their stashes of items that you can later sell in the Nex-Vi marketplace.

Motor Races

These races can be set up against other players via race day events or just self organised sport. Bets can be placed allowing the fastest to win all the tokens.